Sunday, July 19, 2015

Interest vs. Commitment

I have been evaluating talent for over 18 years.  It started when I began doing baseball lessons, then as a scout, now as an intern.  The mechanics are not much different from looking at a persons swing or their health.  Evaluating is a learned skill set.  So I want to address interest verse commitment.  I see people all the time that are interested in changing some aspect of their life.  They want to loose weight or get a degree so they can get that job they want, or even meet a mate.  Then I meet people who are committed to these things.  There is a huge difference and unless you are paying attention you might miss them.  Here is the real bottom line.  Interested people will do what is convenient to obtain what they want.  If things work around their schedules, friends, family, work, and activities they will continue to chase their dreams.  When things start to get in the way of their lifestyle or situations get tough and they now are going out of their way or things are not convenient anymore they give up.  Committed people are a different breed.  They do whatever it takes to obtain their dreams and goals.  Which means when things become inconvenient and they will they change their situation, adjust, adapt, and keep moving towards the prize.  The problems are not the focus they are just obstacles and the goal is always in front of them.  The "Do Whatever It Takes" or DWIT is a solution based thinking.  I have been in Chiropractic College for the last three and a half years.  I was Committed to this process from the beginning.  I have failed classes, been set back a quarter, and even failed my last set of board exams.  So?  My eyes are still on the prize.  I am a chiropractor.  I have not finished school and I do not have that piece of paper in my hand but in my mind I am a chiropractor.  I've seen the graduation ceremony so many times in my head that I know it has already happened.  I hope that it really is as amazing as I have imagined.  I could have quit a thousand times and in the first year I wasn't so sure I was smart enough or even if I had the qualifications to even be here.  I'm in class with biochemist, biologist, athletic trainers, and some other fields that I wasn't even sure existed.  So of the smartest and intelligent minds I had ever experienced.  I was just a former professional baseball player and baseball instructor who had been a chiropractic patient for over 25 years and had been adjusting teammates using the moves that had been done to me without any formal training.  The hardest thing was I have only seen my daughter a handful of times in the last three years.  We talk and text but I really miss her presence.  When I came to Palmer one of the reasons was because it was close to her.  Then she moved away.   Another inconvenience I have had to adjust too.  I have had to create a budget and stick to it.  Which means many weekends spent at home, rarely eating out unless someone offers to pay, walking places to save gas,  planning how many miles I have to drive in a week and planing work around this.  I wasn't able to afford all the cool seminars so I looked for other alternatives.  This weekend I borrowed an extremity adjusting video series from my preceptor doctor and watch that.  Cost $0.00 and four hours of my time.  I have found many educating doctors online.  I paid for 2 years of medical training online for $99.00  over 500 lectures and I didn't start watching them until four months ago.  I have obtained $400.00 medical books for $30.00 and use them weekly.  I could have spent that money on shoes or clothes or my girlfriends but my focus and commitment has been constant.  When my ways of being line up with my choices then I know I am committed to my wants, dreams, and goals.  When my choices go against my gut feelings then I know I am off the mark.  It is funny that the definition of sin is failing to hit the mark.  So when I am not in line with my purpose I am actually sinning.   I have seen this over and over in the last three years.  I have made choices that have gone against my purpose.  I once had a class that I thought was so boring that I would just sit in class surfing the Internet looking at crap. I couldn't understand how I failed the class.  I had not mastered the material.  Honestly I did not even know the material.  The second time around I paid very close attention an obtained a B.  So my money and time have really been spent doing the things that will require me to obtain my goals.  I'm not saying you have to be this focused Nazi and not have any balance in your life.  I have the mentality that I can have it all.  I have been in relationships, played lots of baseball, trained my body into the best shape ever, traveled a little, and experienced the bay area.  I have also said "No." a lot.  Going out and partying it up and knowing full well that I will not be studying the next day has made me avoid this behavior.  If I lived around whether things were convenient I would have quit this program in the first week.  There is nothing convenient about this program.  It stretches my limits all the time.  Maybe I wasted days and weeks studying material in such a tired state I felt like I was not retaining any of the information.  Maybe subconsciously I really was.  Some people can not go through life and miss a thing.  They have to go to that wedding even though it falls right before finals week.  Or that concert, or trip, or even go home all the time miss because they miss their family.  I laugh when they tell how much money they get and all the crap they blow it on.  It's a loan.  That trip to South America that cost $3000.00 today will be $30,000 with compounding interest.  Or the new car or truck, all the furniture, and trips to Vegas and Hawaii.  They will be paying on that stuff  for the next 20 years even after they have sold it. I kept things to a minimum.  I worked my butt off because I didn't take all the loans and I did not buy things with my loan money.  I used my earnings.  I have even maintained a $500.00 a month car payment.  I should have sold it, but I like my Jeep.
So I was willing to DWIT to have it.  I worked late nights whenever I was called to.  I umpired all spring and summer as many days a week as I could.  I cooked for myself and ate lots of rice and oatmeal.  I didn't get a gym membership until my last year and I only kept it for five months.  I do not need a gym to motivate me.  I can work out just as hard with body weight or use the free gym at the apartment complex.  Today I work in a clinic that has a gym in it.  It was one of the reasons I chose it.
I hope this is starting to make sense.  There is a huge difference between being interested and being committed to something.  When you chose to do something then make sure you are committed to it.  Your effort and enthusiasm will be high and positive and it will be fun.  Chiropractic school has been hard but I will say it has been fun too.  If you know me then if its not fun I will not do it.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Why I hate the Cubs.

It all started out when I was a kid living in Battle Creek, Michigan on Vermillion Road.  My best friend in the world was Greg Roderick.  He rarely come over to my house and I think I lived at his.  It was the sports complex of the area that was why Greg and I spent so many hours of the day together.  His dad and mine had worked together at Clark Equipment together and were good friends and I looked up to him as a father figure after mine past away.  Greg and I would play football across the street, basketball in his drive way and baseball in the back yard.  Greg's backyard was the beginning of my displeasure of the Chicago Cubs.  You see when we picked teams Greg was always the Cubs.  I was everyone else.  The Tigers, or Cardinals, even the Expos.  I had an Expos hat from a team I would bat boy for and liked Tim Wallach.  Later in life when I settled on a number that I have preferred and it was 29 for TimWallach.  Greg had the Cubs jersey and hat and the pride to go with it.  I just wanted to be the Cubs once and wear the hat.  He was much bigger than me and showed great potential as a player.  We had many battles in his back yard and even today I think about how it shaped me as a player.  So I just wanted to beat the Cubs all the time.  In the beginning it was just like the real season.  Cubs were about a .500 team.  We were even but in true Cubs fashion he would fall apart or I would get hot and well you know the story.  Cubs loose.  He would probably tell the story a different way and say it wasn't that bad but it was.  Greg was a right handed hitter and pitcher. I was a left handed hitter and right handed pitcher.  He would have to hit the breaking ball going away and his would fall inside on my front leg.  A pitch that every low ball hitting lefty loves.   My second reason is in 1996 I was given a private workout in Arizona with the Cubs.  I came down in great shape and determined to make the team.  I wanted to get on the Cubs for one time in my life.  So Tom Gamboa gives me a shot.  He doesn't run me or check out my arm he just puts me in a group of big league hitters.  Dave Magadan, Matt Franco, and I thought the third was Tyler Houston.  These guys crushed the ball and I was a little nervous and even intimidated.  I preceded to foul of eight of my ten swings.  Tom Gamboa is walking away now.  Dave Magadan was this ball of positive energy and when I get out of the cage he pulls me aside and says, "You have a great swing kid just let it loose."  Then he steps into the left side of the box and starts hitting the hardest line drives to the left center gap and have so much fun doing it.  My second round starts and then after a few well hit balls Gamboa gets up and walks back over to the cage with interest peaked a little.  Then round three and four with better and better results and I'm feeling good.  Mags is hugging me and loving every minute of it.  "This f'n kid can hit!"   He walks over to Tom and says, "Gammy you gotta sign this kid, he can swing it."  Now I will never forget the next words that came from Tom Gamboa.  "He's too old."  I was 24.  I had never been drafted, played two years of Independent Professional Baseball and hit .416 and .329 in those two years and I was still refining my swing.  The look on Dave Magadan's face was utter shock.  The look was that look of what the heck I am 33 am I to old?"  Dave was loosing his hair and was even a little grey.  I would say he looked 40.  I was a little disappointed too.  I thought if he just wanted to see me hit then I had done a great job of showing him.  I only hit one out and it was an opposite field line drive. These fields are not normal dimension of 330 feet on the lines in and 400 feet to center.  This field was 360 feet on the lines and 420 in center.  They want to see if you have pop or serious pop.  That's when I really started to understand the power of intention.  I opened my mouth and and uttered these words, "Well maybe the White Sox will sign me."  Eight days later my agent called me and said I have a job for you in South Bend, Indiana.  Class A for the Chicago White Sox's is the assignment.  I got on the phone with the player director of the White Sox and sold him on who I was.  He signed me on a phone interview and no tryout at all.  So that is why I hate the Cubs so much.  Funny and true story was this.  Remember Tom Gamboa?  Check this out at a White Sox game FAN ATTACKS TOM GAMBOA .   That was one of my fans.   No not really I just thought it was coincidence that he was attacked at a Sox game.  I have no ill will towards Tom.  He did my workout as a favor to my hitting coach Perry Husband. I was so upset I probably never thanked him so this is my public acknowledgment of his favor and my many thanks.  I was blessed to be on the field will Dave Magadan, Matt Franco and Tyler Houston who is a personal friend today.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Does anyone read the research?

Sometime I am so confused by the research.  One article says this is good and this is bad.  Curve balls are bad to throw and fastballs are good.  Another article says that curve ball are fine and its fastballs that are harder on the arm.  So what's the truth?  Has there been actual research and biomechanical analysis done?

Here is the Article link from American Journal of Sports Medicine on biomechanic (Abstract)

The keypoints are in the Results, Conclusion, and Clinical Relevance.

These two articles just have Abstracts:
Photo from

They are published articles with no bio-mechanical data just case studies and questionnaires to collect data.  So when reading and comparing data sometime its like apples the running shoes.  The research on one is correct and so is the other but its really hard to link them together.
If you just talk bio-mechanics with torque and arm velocity and stress then a fastball is more stressful than a curve ball.  That is what the data reports.  So do we stop throwing so many fastballs or do we find the real culprit......overuse.  Or is overuse the real culprit.  I know that the same muscles in the arm are made of the same fibers as those in the legs.  Runner train and train and keep increasing their speed and distance.  Do runners have overuse injuries?  Yes they do.  They have stress fractures, (the most common one), sprains and strains to joints but rarely the tendons and muscle tear like in the classic Ulnar Collateral Ligament tear in pitchers.  I personally think running 13.1 or even 26.2 miles is more traumatic then throwing 100 pitches.  There are some marathon runners that go out and run 6-8 miles the day after the have run a full marathon.
Training may be the key also.   Alan Jaeger says players do not throw enough.  I think he is right too.  I think he is right about older players that their bones have stopped growing.  After really studying the anatomy of the elbow and shoulder I am firm when I say this.  The combination of overuse, growing epiphysis, developing muscles and tendons and lastly inflammation are the real culprits.  Then the parents, coaches, and player ignore sound medical advice about dealing with an arm injury.  Feeding the young player anti-inflammatory pills is not the great fix all either.  It is probably a major contributor to the problem.  The elbow is a high tissue turn over area.  Meaning tissue in the synovial region is constantly being replaced and repaired.  Anti-inflams stop that turn over to reduce inflammation.  So the repair is slowed, but it needs to happen.  The young pitcher feels better because the inflammation has gone away and range of motion is restored so they think, "I can throw again!"  With out explaining this any farther are you seeing the problem?  It really is a combination of things that lead to the demise of that pitchers arm.    

Check or Zach Magee's article too.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Just Do It. You'll never get a hit unless you step up to the plate.

Tonight I am feeling pretty good.  Maybe it's all the alone time I have had to reflect on how really blessed I am.  Or maybe it's the two beers and the best garlic knots I ate tonight.  Either way it's time to journal.  There are a few people that have shaped my path at Palmer.  One I want to acknowledge is Dr. Bill DuMonthier.  In my first two years I have had many conversations with him expressing my concerns about how hard the program has been for me and that I struggle with "just getting by".  I have always been the type of person that has excelled when it comes to just about everything.  I did well in high school and even made the Dean's list in college with out much effort.  In sports I can pick up any sport and become proficient at it in no time at all.  I had other choices to pursue in professional sports.  I was the Michigan state champ in bowling in the eight grade bowling against high school and some college amatures.  I had offers to play college football, baseball, and even played one year of college basketball.  Anything and everything requiring movement and sports comes very natural to me.  In a six month period I studied for and passed the series 7,6,31, and 3 test and became a financial advisor for Morgan Stanley.  Chiropractic College was a whole new animal in itself.  I was not prepared at all for this.  I had an undergrad background in kinesiology and biomechanics but had not really been in a book let alone research since 1994.  It was like starting from scratch in a fast paced program where I had to learn everything again.  I spent hours in class trying to stay awake only to go home and pass out, wake up at nine or ten o'clock at night and start studying till three in the morning.  A common site in my trailer park room where I lived for my first year was  to wake up in bed with a pile of books all over me and my laptop on the floor because I knocked it off the bed when I had fallen asleep.  I barely passed most of my classes and when Part I of boards came close I expressed my concerns to Dr. DuMonthier.  He had some comforting words for me then that carried me through. He said, "It is because you care so much about this that I am not worried about you.  Because you care you will do whatever it takes to pass these exams."  Now the number and all the stats compiled by the school were not in my favor.  C average students that do not take a board review course have an 80% fail rate for Part I boards.  I could not afford to pay for a board review course so I got Irene Gold and read through it over and over on my own.  There were some very smart people in my class that failed Part I, but I was not one of them. Nor did I fail Part II. So thank you Bill for believing in me when I didn't quite believe in myself.  I will always struggle when I have that feeling of just getting by.  I always desire to be the best at what I do.  Today I find myself in books learning about techniques, functional movements, rehab and core strengthening.  Medical books about diseases are my new favorite.  I do not want to be know as just a chiropractor.  I desire to be a great doctor of wellness that has chosen chiropractic to express myself through.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Placebo Effect

I sometimes have these livid dreams.  Some people would call them visions.  I tend to believe they are supernatural in nature and they are streamed into me for the Most High or my higher self.  The amount of information is staggering and it comes so fast I spend days going back over it.  The best thing for me to do is put it on my board so it stays in front of me.  So the other night I was asking Why do I make the same mistakes over and over and do it almost unconsciously. Why is the Placebo Effect more successful than actual medications sometimes?   Remember the Bible quote, "Ask and Ye Shall Receive"?  Well later that night between  3:00 and 4:00 am (which is when they usually come) these answers came to me.
    The Placebo Effect is when something is given that in reality has not real proven benefit but the person is told that it will help them.  They believe it, so it is.  This is another reinforcement of how powerful your thoughts really are.  Person A gets a sugar pill and the reassurance that this pill will help them and they get better.  Person B is just given the medication and they get better.  How does person A get better without the medication?  I their mind they actually believed that the pill would cure them and their biology responded to that belief and they got better.  I had a friend that fought in Viet Nam.  His father told him to go and protect his brother.  To him the reason he believed he was their was to protect his baby brother.  He had been in seven helicopter accidents, five of which he was the only survivor.  He told me he started to believe that he was meant to live.  He had been shot, peppered with mine fragments, claymore pellets riddled his body, and many other things designed to kill a man in the jungles of Viet Nam.  I truly believe now that his belief was what sustained him and his biology responded every time he was wounded.  There are many stories out in the public of how someone was diagnosed with cancer and in their mind they saw themselves as whole and by some miracle their cancer disappeared.  Other will argue that they were misdiagnosed or they never had cancer to begin with.  Well then their is the No-cebo effect.  Where the person is told they have a disease when they do not and are perfectly healthy and their health begins to fail.  When told they have this rare cancer they begin to think, "I am dying" and actually do.  The biology changes as the conscious thought does.  Once the conscious thought overrides the program the subconscious starts to run this program in the background.  I once heard Bruce Lipton say that the Subconscious Mind's processor is running 95% of the bodies biology and the conscious is running 5%.  So 95% of you is running without consciousness of it running.  It's like this computer.  All I see are these words forming on the screen but behind the keyboard there are a million little functions happening and I pay them no attention. I do not have to think about breathing but if I become conscious to my breathing I can speed it up or slow it down or even stop my breathing.  I am not thinking about my heart pumping, If I consciously change my focus I can speed it up or slow the rate down.  Once I have learned something it gets turned over to the Subconscious and starts running automatically.  Driving is a prime example.  When I was first learning how to drive I was focused on driving and keeping my car in between the lines.  I was distracted by everything.  I had to think ahead and plan things out.  Today I just get in and pay little attention of driving.  It sometimes scares me that I can not even remember driving to a destination.  I get in and then I am there and say, "Wow!  Where did that three hours of time go."  I wasn't present.  I was concentrating on something else.  So if the conscious mind is 5% and the Subconscious is 95% and running a million times faster how can I change the biology and create wellness?  This is my million dollar idea.  Find the answers to the Placebo Effect and put them into everyday living and healing.  On a personal note when I became aware that I had the power inside me to do this it transformed my life.  I do not have time to be sick so I say, " I am always healthy".  I have been sick or ill 2 times in the last seven years where I had to take an antibiotic.  I just let whatever I have run its course and tell myself that my body can handle this and my body is designed to handle this.  I have no doubt in my mind, I will recover.  When I am run down I say to myself When I am rested I will heal.  I rest and I heal.  When I fractured my right ankle and had a plate and nine screws put on it, my thoughts where of winged angels knitting that piece of metal and my fibula together to make a stronger skeleton.  The doctor said this break would take 8 weeks to heal.  The two bone had been completely separated.  I went back in three weeks and he scratched his head and said, "There is no break line anymore.  Like it never happened. Your body heals very well."  The day my cast came off I started walking.  I wasn't walking very well but I was waking on it.  Thirty days later I threw one inning of relief with no rehab.  I did not go to PT one time.  Here is where I also see this placebo effect, in the clinic.  Patients are hurting, but when they get the clinic they say I am feeling better already.  How?  I have not done anything.  What if they tell themselves I will feel better when I get adjusted?  So for the next couple of days until their appointment they hurt and are in pain and not feeling very well.  On the day of the appointment they start feeling better.  By the time they get onto my table their symptoms are less severe and I adjust them.  They start to smile and say thanks and walk out like nothing was wrong.  I truly believe that these people delay their natural bodies process to heal by their thoughts.  I'm sure if it happens with me then it happens with medical doctors too and even surgeons.  People will say, "As soon as I see the doctor I will feel better."  Why not just take a picture of your doctor and put it on your fridge?   As soon as you see him you will feel better!  What I am really trying to say is that you are so powerful as a human.  You were created in God's image.   If our subconscious is running 95% of our biology then it is also speeding or delaying our healing process by the programs in the background.  The subconscious is really a recorder playing back the messages that we feed it.  Some of those messages are good ones or good programs while others are bad.  People will say, "Just think Positive!"  Well I'm hear to tell you positive thoughts plus bad programming is a losing battle.  You can say I want to be healthy or I am healthy everyday, but if your subconscious is saying look in the mirror fatty and the processor is a million times stronger you can see where this is going.  Fatty wins out.  So how do you change the programs? You do have to change the thoughts, and be conscious, as well as creative.  Meditating and using theta frequencies are a big key also.  The first six years of your life your brain is a recorder, this is where a lot of information is planted and the recorded starts recording.  Have you ever heard this, "My little Sally is a sponge.  She absorbs everything." Little Sally is 4 years old and she really is absorbing everything.  She hears her father tell her mother that she has put on a little weight and I don't like it.  Or she has heard her father say I love you precious, you are going to be a star.  One good program and one bad.  Children really do hear everything.  They do things and get yelled at, "What were you thinking?"  They weren't.  Their brains do not have the ability to reason yet.  They are recording.  Do this or don't do that.  This hurts me but this doesn't.   That is probably why their answer is always, "I don't know why I did it."  One parent sees a snake and says, "Look Sally that is a garden snake." Then picks it up without any fear and lets Sally touch it and examine it with awe.  Never really knowing that there is any danger.  Another person sees a snake a freaks out.  Sally's recorded says snakes are dangerous and when I see one I should freak out.  I grew up on a farm.  I have seen snakes and spiders and step in all kinds of crap.  I have no fear things like that because as a small boy I was curious and just didn't have anyone around me freaking out.  My grandpa would walk over and say that's a black widow they can bite you and make you sick then he would step on it.  So I natural kill black widow spiders when I see them.
 The bottom line I am trying to get across is that your thoughts are powerful.  They can control your biology, especially the biology of healing.  Have those thoughts of I am getting better, healthy, my body is healing and regenerating. Then believe the healing has happened.  Envision yourself as whole and complete.  Meditate and be present to the recorder or the voices that are contradicting what you believe.  Believe that you are powerful and trust yourself, because you are powerful and rare.  You are one in a billion.  No one has ever been like you and no one ever will be exactly you again.  That kind of rarity has value.  In all truth you are priceless.  Believe.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

90 days to transform your body.

Although I am a professional coach and have told people that it takes around 90 days to change a habit.  If you are a drug addict this process is crucial.  First the body has to be cleansed, then repaired, then retrained.  I am a firm believer that you and I are a slave to our habits.  So if I am t be a slave then I choose to be a slave to good habits.  Like eating well, getting plenty of rest,  intense exercise, and practicing me art until it is nearly perfected.  On December 14th I started my cleanse.  I had been working out, but not what I would call regularly.  It would be one day on four days off then 2 days on one day off followed by one day on and six more off.  My program lacked consistency.  So when I started my cleanse I also started working out.  It was all cardio for the first seven days.  Then I started to mix in some interval training.  After 10 days my cleanse was over and I had lost 12 lbs. of garbage.  Then I started juicing for the next 10 days.  My work outs never suffered and I was pretty amazed on how my body actually felt.  I had tons of energy and after twenty days I was down from my original 236 to 218.  I started to introduce some solid raw foods back into my system after 20 days.  I was still having some craving for meat.  I'm not a big meat eater either so I broke down and had a steak.  It tasted wonderful but tore me apart.  So I salt flushed it out of m body the next day.  A salt flush is 1 quart of sea salt water solution.  It will empty out the entire digestive tract in an hour.  If your drink the quart and nothing happens then drink another one.  It will happen eventually.  So today is around my 90 day mark. and I have kept the weight off.  I need a new wardrobe. And you can see the lean results.  208 lbs is my official weight.  That's 28 lbs in 3 months.  I did it in about 60 days in all actuality.  This is the first time that after is completed a cleanse I did not put back on some of the weight.  I think I have finally tuned up my diet and the exercise is also the key.  I am no longer training 6 days a week now.  I am down to 3.  This is mostly because I have board exams next week and have been studying, OSCE's on 3/18, and had been attending about every outreach clinic I can get into so I can get my credits finished.  I told you I would tell you the secret.  Cleansing the body will do more than just empty all the waste out of your system.  It will allow your gut to heal.  If you are over weight and you feel like you have to eat all the time because you are hungry all the time might just be due to the fact that your body has a malabsorption problem.  The body for some reason is not absorbing the nutrients that is being put into it.  So when this happens the body cries out for nutrients and signals the hunger centers in the brain.  So we eat and eat and the calories add up to more than we need so the body just throws this waste in the form of fats on our bellies and thighs, chin and chest.  the serious issues start to arise when the belly fat starts to deposit inside the organs.  Then the organs start to also function poorly and sometime begin to fail.  So cleansing the body starts the healing process.  Once the cleanse is over you can not just start shoving burgers back into your mouth.  The system is clean and is not completely healed yet.  Juice is the next phase.  Juice is easy on the system and literally takes minutes to digest and process for energy.  This is why on a juice diet you must have is ever 2 hours or more.   Since the body is not processing the weight in your gastrointestinal tract it now has time to work on the other neglected areas of the body.  The brain, artery plaques, and excess body fat.  If the system is clean this process becomes really efficient.  Fat literally starts to melt of you from the inside.  Your body will break it down and secret much of it in your urine.  Yes I said your urine.  Because the GI tract processes the food waste.  The blood and kidney will process the other waste.  Water is a huge key.  You must consume gallons of it to flush your system.  When you are cleansing going to the bathroom a lot is a key marker of how well you are doing.  If you do not consume enough water then the toxins will build up and you may like me experience headaches and even flu like symptoms.  The other secret is intense exercise.  Exercise releases insulin like factors that also increase metabolism in the muscles and release growth hormone which in turns builds muscle mass and burns more fat.  This is another reason exercise will help diabetics.  If they are not producing insulin the the insulin like factors will substitute for insulin.  If they have an insulin resistance the insulin like factors will again substitute for the insulin.  No insulin is really needed at all.  The third key is persistent and consistent effort.  Small strokes fall big oaks. Weight will not fall off you in one or two days.  Weight will change after 90 days of doing this.  I would bet my life on it.  If you have been working out hard and do not seem to be able to drop any weight then Look to see if you have one of the key features wrong.  I hear people say "I eat great and work out all the time but have hit a point where they are stuck.  They are either lying about their diet, the exercise program or they have malabsorption issues that have not been properly addressed.  It can be that simple.  Here are my results.  The secret is there are no secrets.  Hard work and discipline win out over and over again.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Brain Steroids! Are you kidding me?


So I'm in my final year of school and this product hits the market?  I'm a little upset that I hadn't heard of this stuff before a few weeks ago.  Individual case studies have been done bit not any randomized control studies that I can find.  The press is pretty neutral, but I'm still going to try it.  I've tried a hoard of these brain enhancers to no avail.  Well I guess one more can't hurt.  The ingredients look promising and healthy anyways.  Couldn't hurt right?  I'll keep you all posted like I always do.