Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Online Academy has been SHUT DOWN.

I have recently shut down the online academy because of the financial strain that is associated with keeping a business open while being in chiropractic school. So I have chosen to shut it down for the time being. I will keep this site open and have another site that I am working that will encompass baseball and chiropractics. I love baseball and will always be part of the game, just more on the clinical side instead of as an instructor. Thank you for all your support over the years. Greg Shepard

Monday, May 6, 2013

NOS Swing Trainer by Speed Chains

This is a great product. I own one and take it with my where ever I go. The small balls are easy to carry in a small bag or even a plastic bag.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

ASEA: Research from prestigious lab says, "This stuff really changes the biology of the body."

This is a great discovery. Double blinded cross over studies are a good thing. They test 2 groups 2 times giving them either the placebo first and then the experimental agent or the agent first then the placebo. Either way they collect data from both groups on both treatments. Some things to keep in mind. How look do the effects of ASEA stay in the body? If group A had ASEA and then was later given the Placebo, would there be any residual affects in the system and how much would this impact the results. Would the group that got the placebo first benefit from the week of training before they were given ASEA? With research you have to not only look at the variables of the research but also a bigger picture. What things could really make the results invalid?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hitting Coach turns Chiropractor

This is just another update on what has been happening for the last five months.  Five months ago I started Chiropractic School at Palmer Chiropractic College West in San Jose, Ca.  I love it here. School is hard.  I wouldn't expect to be any other way.  Gross Anatomy I & II, Neuroanatomy  and Neuroscience, Spinal anatomy and and and, oh boy I have taken one year of college in almost 6 months.  It is a lot of information and it the classes move very quickly.  It is medical school.  Same structures, same anatomy, pathologies, diagnosis, everything that a medical doctor would learn.  The only difference is I do not have to learn the pharmacology or the serious biochemistry that goes into the medical side of drug and interactions.  I will not be learning surgery, or how to deliver a baby either. But in Oregon it would be okay for me to do that.  Health wise I feel like I have been better.  I rarely eat out anymore. I consume nuts and vegetables with lots of fruit.  Oh and let's not forget the top ramen. A fine source of nutrition.  I have started a juice fast and am updating people on my  It is going well.  I'm still alive after 3 days and I feel great.  I'm very tired lately so I know my body is healing and detoxing.  Baseball is good.  I'm playing in a league out of Oakland and it is probably some of the best ball I have seen at this level.  I am a little hurt now.  I have sprained my Sacro-Iliac joint.  It's not a fun injury.  I continue to pitch but my hitting has suffered.  The day after I throw I can hardly walk.

About what I have learned.  I have learned that most people are walking around with some misalignment and should get checked out and receive regular adjustments.  If you decided to go to a chiropractor when you are in pain then it is too late.  Now you are going to have to go on a regular plan of chiropractics that can cost more.  Here is a concept. Think of Preventative Health Care instead of after sick care.  By getting regular adjustments you can avoid some of health major pit falls.  I have even seen a studied that was done and it showed that people with high blood pressure that received upper cervical adjustments show a significant drop in their high blood pressure.  Medical doctors doing the study were amazed.  They didn't believe that an adjustment worked better than drugs with not harmful side effects.
I have personally noticed when I was receiving regular adjustments for Dr Ormand that my overall health was better.  I did not get any sinus infections that year.  I usually get one every year around allergy season.  My baseball performance increased.  I was able to throw more batting practice without pain or stiffness than ever before.  My range of motion was the best it had ever been and I just moved better.  Professional teams are jumping on board with chiropractics.  Dr. Prusso, who works in our student clinic is the Oakland Raiders chiropractor, Terry Schroeder, the men Olympic Water Polo coach is a chiropractor and has had one with his team as the team physician for three Olympics now.  The San Francisco Forty-Niners have a team chiro.  Joe Montana and Jerry Rice are huge supporters of chiropractics.  So what do these athletes know that the general public doesn't?  They know in order for their bodies to perform at the highest levels the main structure of the spine and all it's important nerves need to be all working and in line.  Go go see a chiropractor today.  Avoid painful surgeries and medications with harmful side effects down the road.  I don't claim that chiropractics is the end all.  No chiropractic adjustment has ever cured cancer or stopped a heart attack.  Either has any drug or medical procedure.  Wellness is a choice.  It is a series of choices over a life time that start to add up.  What you are today a because of a series of choices you made in the past.  So if you want to change your future then change the choice you are making today.  I recommend better food choices, a little exercise, some quality connecting time with yourself, your significant other, your children, and even your maker.  Slow down a little and take off your shoes and walk in the grass.  Breathe deeper and smell some fresh air....if you city has any.  Buy a good water filter and cut back on the soft drinks, energy drinks, triple shot of espresso.  Most of all educate yourself.  In the end your health is YOUR sole responsibility. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Boys...16U Trosky Baseball

I just wanted to acknowledge the boys of 16U White Team for all there hard work they have put in this summer, and its only June.  In the 2 tournaments that I have coached with you fine gentleman you have gone from 0-2-1 to 3-1 and a 2nd place finish.  Your first tournament was not that great either.  Here is what I see as an improvement so far.  You are starting to play together as a team. Picking each other up and encouraging each other on.  You don't panic.  It's just another play, pitch, inning and you play the game very calm and cool.  This will be to you advantage when the real pressure comes later.  You all work hard and give your best.  You are able to be coached.  Between Adam and I there is 8 years of division I baseball and 17 years of professional baseball as players.  Not to mention I have been a teaching pro for 19 years.  All you guys ask questions and go out and try to apply this learning quickly.  I am looking forward to our next outing.  Keep playing hard.When you get back to school in the fall you will see the difference when you get around other players that have not used the summer to their advantage.

Featured Hitter: Andrew Breen

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I thought I had included this a few months ago but I see that the original post was left in my unpublished area.  I did some additional testing on the EASTON SPEED SERIES bat.  I liked it a lot. I finally hit a ball 90 mph with a BBCOR bat.  I averaged out at 84.85 mph. In the thirty balls that I hit clean during the test only 6 of them were 90 mph. That's on average 2 per 10.  The other thing that was not so good was the number of balls I hit in the 70's. (8) which is about 3 per 10.  That means 3 out of 10 times the ball is not going to get out of the infield and if it does it's not going over the outfielder's head.  I am seeing more and more of these bats being used so I might not be the only person feeling this way to.  My test is done from a tee with the same 10 balls. The ball have to be what I considered struck cleanly. I throw out any ball I feel is not hit near or on the sweet spot.  The purpose of this test is to find out the max exit speed of what I can swing.
Average Exit Speed 84.85 mph
Max Exit Speed 90 mph

I like the feel of this bat too.  It has an over all good feel to it.
I would swing this bat if I had too.
I am no paid or endorsed by any bat company.
I am a hitting advocate and want to put the best equipment in the hands of my students
and hitters. 
My recommendation from the beginning has been start swinging wood and still is.
Wood, Composite Wood, and Baum bats still outperform BBCOR bats.